10 Best Landlord Rescue Posts 2010

January 3rd, 2011 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Canadian Real Estate Carnival

Writing for this blog has changed my life. Every single day I get calls and emails from landlords who like what I write and find it helpful and useful. When I started to write to landlords earlier this year I never imagined the response I would get. I knew that there was an awful lot of poor information out there. My goal was just to give the best information I could, much of the information out there is not good and it’s not free. I just wanted to give out free and great information without holding anything back.

Surprise, Surprise

The posts that I liked were not always the ones that resonated with readers. These are the most 5 read posts on this blog.

How to Deal With Nasty Prospective Tenants

10 Tips On Renting To The Worst Tenants

Never Hire A Real Estate Agent To Rent Your Property

Landlord 101 – Screening Tenants

Ontario Landlord – Rent Deposits

Next my top three “Public Service Announcement” Posts

Fire Safety Warning – It’s Never The Dead People’s Fault

Ontario Landlord – Rent Increases

10 Ways To Tell If Your Real Estate Guru Is Lying

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The Stripper With The Dirty Feet

So You Think You Can Landlord ? A Tenant From Hell Story

Evicting a Sweet Little Old Lady

I wish you health, prosperity and an email subscription to Landlord Rescue…it’s free just fill your email in on the right. Out with the old 2010 – in with the new 2011!


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