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December 27th, 2010 · 13 Comments · Blogging Journey

I had an absolutely fantastic holiday, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything more special other than rest, regroup and hang out with my fantastic family. My parents gave us a snow blower. My husband gave me one of those great briefcases with a handle so I can have all my applications and files with me on the go. I was too cheap to buy it for myself but I’ve been drooling over one for years, ever since I saw a lawyer with one at the Landlord & Tenant Board.

My poor sister is stranded in Cancun, her flight was canceled. I feel very bad for her, stuck in Mexico for an extra free day in the sun. I’m sure your heart breaks for her too. Meanwhile I’m here in frosty Toronto taking care of her dogs…. I’ll be glad to see the family when they land, I took advantage of Boxing Day sales to get gifts for them.

I Want To Celebrate!

I’m having a very badly publicized contest around here, the winners will be announced at the next Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival, so you still have time to celebrate the holidays with me by winning.

New Year’s Contest !

1 – I’m giving away a copy of the RESP book by Mike Holman over at Money Smarts Blog. Mike has been a great help and support to me on this blog. He wrote this book and I can’t help but support him back and let as many people know about it as possible.

2 – I’m giving away an Art Print by Morris Chisholm. These prints make really great gifts as well. You get to pick which 16 x 20 one you want. I love Morris because he is smart and funny. If you had known us both 20 years ago, you would have given us a 0% chance of doing anything productive with our lives. I guess we were both “late bloomers”

3 – I’m giving away 2 tickets to TRON on behalf of my husband who takes care of our son everyday and has begun referring to himself as the Blog Widower. He’s a big fan of Tron, he gave my son Tron toys for Christmas.

4 – Finally I’m giving away a $100 email money transfer. Yep I’ll just send you some dough.

This is how you enter

Everything you do gets you one entry.

1 – Go to the top right corner of the blog and sign up for email subscription

2 – Send me a free ecard from Morris’s blog at

3 – Add Rachelle Berube to your Linked In

4 – Like Landlord Rescue’s really sad Facebook page. (I’m working on it)

5 – Follow me on Twitter

6 – Write a comment below telling me why you like this blog

7 – Enjoy the holidays and do something nice for someone who needs it. This will probably be very difficult for me to keep track of so you should probably come back here and comment and tell me about your good deed if you want it to be an entry !

Have a happy and safe holiday!


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