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February 19th, 2012 · 11 Comments · petition

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Hello Everybody, I’m so glad you came back to hear more about this important issue.

Good News!

We have a lot of support. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this awful injustice and curiously enough a lot of the landlords I’m talking to are holding onto water bills that have been transferred to their taxes. In fact last week I was advised that I too was the delighted recipient of one of my tenant’s water bills in the townhouses I manage in Mississauga. From what I can figure out the city also billed two $45 collection service calls in addition to the outstanding amount for a total of $553 transferred to taxes.

Petition Instructions

  1. Anyone can sign it. (Not your dog, but everyone else!)
  2. The lawyer says ink copies are better so snail mail it in.
  3. The more the merrier. We’d like to have boxes and boxes full.
  4. The deadline is March 20th ! So get your rear in gear!

Step 1

Download the petition here> Petition About Water Bills

Step 2

Sign it yourself

Step 3

Get your wife/husband to sign it.

Step 4

Get friends and family and anyone else to sign it. I’ve even got my tenants signing it.

Step 5

Mail it to:

Kayla Andrade 

6 Glen Road Cambridge Ontario N1R 4L5

Step 6

Have a beer. You’ve done some great work for landlords everywhere.

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Getting Together

If anyone wants to go downtown next weekend to harass strangers into signing this raise awareness, I’ll be there. In fact it would be great if we could get a group of landlords together to protest with signs. Anyone interested can reach me on twitter @landlordrescue or on facebook or at my phone number 416-880-4126. It would be nice if you liked the Landlord Rescue facebook page while you were there.

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Also please share this post as far and wide as possible. Seriously no one will do this for landlords we all need to work together.


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  • Kayla Andrade

    Landlords being responsible for someone else debt/ bill is the most outrageous things I ever heard .

    If Landlords are not going to stand up and fight for your rights then no one will for us .

    This is the time we landlords should come together as a STRONG TEAM and start protesting our rights .

    The only way to be heard is to start voicing our opinions with our Province .

    I been battling this crazy policy with my City since 2010 they kept it going until Jan 2012 …only to say they are not taking back their decision.

    Enough is Enough …Many other Cities are doing the same thing I am and still not getting heard , so lets join together and a firm group and make some CHANGES to our Provincial Legislation .

    I am a small landlord who is getting by and I for one ..will not be paying for my tenants screw up .

    Water is a necessity of life and everyone is needs it . This is why Landlords are being taken for a ride on the Money train .

    I been working very hard on this issue in my City and now I am working double hard for all the Ontario Landlords , but I cant do it by myself .

    Your support is needed to get this news out and give this petition the attention it needs .

    Just because I have the title Landlord does not mean I am RICH ..I am a hard working mother of 2 who is trying to protect my investment for my family and also to protect the name Landlords .

    Landlords are dropping off like flies because of all the responsible a Landlords have .

    Landlords are just getting more and more responsible put on them through out the years and NOW it is out of control .

    Please do what you can to support this very important issue , since the landlords are not the only one paying the price for such a LAW .

    Groups are forming all over the province for this protest and I hope you will join .

    I am not a great writer ..so please forgive the spelling and grammar ..

    You can contact me at [email]andrade_k1985@hotmail.com[

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  • Nicole Gravelle

    I also just found out that i will be held responsible for my “ever so nice” tenants water bill 🙂 Over $600.00 worth.. I am absolutely appalled that the water company allows them not to pay and gives them another 3 months to collect interest on it.. that then gets pushed right onto my taxes.. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • Rachelle

      Sign the petition yourself then get others to sign it and mail it in to Kayla. She’s been fighting for two years!

  • Luc Papineau

    I also was transferred a water bill onto my account from a previous landlord when i took over the home in the amount of $450. I could not beleive that the municipality does not go after the responsible landlord or tenant in which the account was opened with. To have a transfer of debt to a new owner of a property is beneath me and dont worry, they want their money. So i might as well not pay i t sell the home and have whoever take care of it like it happened to me. Fuck them all!

  • San

    Hi there,
    Any please with updated status, as we all r in the same boat. City cheating homeowners to eat hard earning money.

  • Tim Haynes

    Just got handed a $1200 water bill from a tenant that just moved out. This kind of highway robbery should not be allowed!!!

  • Debra McLellan

    The water bill is $2000 and climbing with my hands tied behind my back.

  • Marlene

    Brantford is just starting! I’m a single mom just trying to get by