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August 22nd, 2012 · 4 Comments · Landlord Rescue Trademark, REIN


Once again I get to work answering this unusual reader question.

Reader Question

Dear Rachelle,

I am a total douche and I have irritated you by stealing your business name, trademarking it and then continuing to treat you like my personal secretary by forcing you to deal with all my confused customers and disgruntled tenants.

What can I do about this awful problem I have with genital warts?

Patrick Francey

CEO Real Estate Investment Network

P.S. I didn’t do anything, although I am listed as a partner and investor, I claim to have no idea what Jared Hope is doing, saying or any part of the business activities of the “New Landlord Rescue” 

Rachelle Answers

Genital warts has no cure as I told Jared Hope earlier this year when he complained about getting them from your momma.

I had a dog once who had some growths on his anus and he used to drag his ass on the carpet, pavement and whatever else he could get leverage on.  This used to just wear the warts off using friction. He also used to gnaw. I’m not sure which was more effective. You look like a flexible guy follow your heart.

You’re Welcome Patrick Francey CEO of REIN !

I’m always willing and able to provide a public service for my readers.  Sorry about your luck with the warts, dude, that’ll really cramp your style.


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  • Canada

    I appreciate your insight into the rental market and the land lording business.

    However, this post is highly inappropriate, immature, and complete unprofessional.

    I understand your conflict with the people infringing on your copy right, and wanting to bring it into the public eye. However, this post does nothing but shine negatively on you and is more akin to the obscene comments left on Youtube referring to people as fat and ugly.

    In the future, please take a moment and wait a day to see if a post like this helps anyone, or is simply emotionally driven in the a moment of anger.

    • Rachelle

      Dear Canada,

      Here’s what you don’t understand, I’ve spent over a year pouring time and money and energy into a lawyer which is actually the proper and correct way to do things. I’ve won, but they’re still being dicks and I’m tired and fed up.

      Also it’s funny.

      I also want to tell you that I posted a donation thingy to try to get help with my legal fees and not one person donated. Not one red cent. I make no money from this blog. Yet who here thinks it’s some kind of weird coincidence that the CEO of REIN tried to sneak in and get the trademark for Landlord Rescue?

      So you know when I sole provider for my family who works 80 hours a week to try to get ahead posts something that’s not what you like, next time I give you permission to offer to help with the legal fees. Because if I have a couple hundred thousand from my loyal supporters I’d bury them in legal paperwork so deep they’d be unable to find their own asses. In lieu of having that option I think I’ll continue to post profane fucked up shit about those two sidewinders because they really don’t like that.

      Of course if you’d rather put your money where your mouth is you can send etransfer to I won’t be holding my breath

      • Canada

        In order for you not to write obscene information in a blog about professional services, I have to pay you? Keep holding your breath.

        I remember when you were angry when someone posted a picture of your kid on the internet in a inappropriate way. While that was wrong on so many levels, what you’re doing now, with a post and response like this, is just as obscene.

        Maybe your professionalism is the reason no one donated. I know, especially with your last remark, I never will.

  • Rachelle

    See that works out very well for you peanut gallery.