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October 30th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Rental Property, SLAPP suit defense

1983 I'm Surrounded By Idiots PinFor those of you who have been reading my blog a while, you might remember my friend Romildo, who had a lot of advice for me in the past. And more advice. and finally even more advice. I was very sad when he stopped coming by to offer unsolicited and wrong advice to me. In property management we don’t get to laugh half as much as we should.
However just in the nick of time, Romildo came back to offer me more helpful advice about my defamation cases yesterday. I’m so grateful.

Romildo’s Two Cents.

#1) Notwithstanding my unchanged opinion:
By this armchair clinician’s observation I am left with the inescapable conclusion that you are one of ‘them’: the human scar tissue that populate the OLA forums. You’ve lost your ethics … your humanity. All you have left is vitriol for a system and an industry that you feel has so wronged you or your compatriots, and thus justifies your own moral and legal compromise.
And my own opinion that you might be in deep, hot water re bandying about the term ‘Ponzi’, stealing, etc.

Part of your defence, it would seem, stems from an attempt to mitigate the meaning of Ponzi Scheme – attempting to differentiate its legal-term-of-art and its ‘vernacular’ meaning.

In support of that you might wish to find ‘reputable’ media/entertainment examples of the use of the term Ponzi to mean as you ‘vernacularly’ define.

I can’t say for certain that you’ll find such here, but there is a similarly-themed series of shows on CNBC, called “American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Suckers” (narrated by Stacey Keach) where during each 1-hr episode they profile one or two scams – genuine Ponzi, real estate (e.g. title fraud/forgery), general defraudments, etc.

IMO it would be worth your becoming apprised of this show’s transcripts, to see if there are places where they used Ponzi as in your vernacular definition, for possible use in support of your defence of your definition.

PS: Have you ever researched what is the definition of “Ponzi scheme”in Black’s Law Dictionary or similar?



Remember way back, you posted that landlords should avoid “crazy” tenant named Romildo Agu-something (my email address/name) … and I emailed you back (Apr 14, 2011) to point out the folly of your concluding that my name was as you saw on the internet, esp by my having created a gmail account named “” and
sending to you, from there, an email that was obviously from me, and referring to my ‘friend’ Romildo, etc?

I invited you to correct your post about warning people away from someone named “Romildo Agu…” … and you did nothing. To this day.

So my question to you is this: how do you think that your adversary’s counsel might take receipt of my description of this incident, including both all your posts as well as a complete record of our intercourse regarding it? Do you think that it would evidence your habit of:

a) carelessness with facts
b) a rush to conclude
c) a steadfast refusal to admit wrong when so confronted
d) a steadfast refusal to post a correction

Never mind that this conduct could possibly hurt your defences, but if your adversary substantially prevails in their case then IMO this sort of conduct could perhaps facilitate their seeking of extraordinary damages, based on your (arguably) grossly-negligence conduct, and *habit* thereof.

The League dweebs might be Ponzi, they might be scammers, they might be failed business perps. Whatever they are they deserve to be hung foronly crimes committed, and  never are any that weren’t.

IMO you should probably take greater care (than I have pseudo-personally seen!) in how you savage reputations.

(And honestly, my real name isn’t comprised in any part by either Romildo or Agu…!)


I recently came across an expression that might provide you some solace, if what remains of your conscience laments your moral/ethical decline (referred to in the intro to my #1, above):

“In a corrupt society, cheaters feel righteous.”

There ya go – the circumstances justify the means. Feel better?

Myself, I look forward to learning from the example made by your
victory, or your defeat. Keep on blogging!



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