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Robin Williams Dead at 63

I’m sad Robin Williams is dead, it’s too final. Despite what looked like a fantastic life, he hung himself. He had a wife and kids that loved him and seemingly everything to live for, he’s dead today because the pain of living was greater than the pain of being dead. He didn’t owe me anything to keep on living in pain so I wish him well, he provided me with laughs and joy.

I think my favourite line of his is in Mrs. Doubtfire as Mrs. Doubtfire recounts her amorous adventures with Mr. Doubtfire. Apparently Mr. Doubtfire’s idea of foreplay was to shout “Brace yourself Effie ! ” As a young woman I remember laughing my head off relating all too well to the comedy.

Mental Illness Is Very Common

Mental illness is very common everywhere, in fact if we are all honest, the “mentally ill” are probably more common than the sane people. As a manager you are all too often going to deal with crazy people of all types, from people having a bad day to full on hospitalizations. If you’re lucky it’s not you. 🙂

I remember one nice professional lady who did have some kind of issue discussing how someone was messing with her toothpaste and messing up her house. She was 100% convinced that someone was entering her suite and moving her stuff. As I looked through her file, it became clear that either she was the victim of a long standing conspiracy by building staff or something was wrong with her. The building had changed her lock 20+ times and police had come. Her TV also talked to her even when unplugged. That was the major clue to a problem I could never fix.

When I was doing evictions full time there was no shortage of drug and alcohol addicted individuals who were simply so caught up in their disease they could no longer manage money. One guy punched our accountant in the face when he refused to give him a rent receipt for rent he hadn’t paid so the tenant could file his income tax. We couldn’t even get rid of him as he moved from apartment to apartment in the building as a visitor.

No one is too mighty to be spared mental illness. When I was in college I used to help a guy named Neil buy eggs and shop for food, he had been a guy with a family and great job, and kids when struck down by schizophrenia later in life. A majority of us are either ill to some degree, have been ill, work with people who are ill, or have family affected by mental illness.

One of my friends Dave, hung himself in a park. He was funny and smart and played the guitar and we even flirted a few times. He had 2 children and struggled with addiction.  Like Robin he had people who cared for him, but the pain of living and struggling was too great.

RIP Robin



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