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June 15th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Property Management, Rental Property

I have seen some truly horrible signage but even I have was blown away by these three signs found on the same property. These signs have been posted for a long time and I see them driving by. It’s just wrong. Even the professional sign installation company has entirely dropped the ball. Would it kill this building to spend a few bucks on some decent signs?

Signs are the very first impression a building will give. They are a very important way to direct people to your site. You’ll spend thousands of dollars on advertising, your signage should look good and be very noticeable so that people can find you.

If you are renting a house it’s the same idea. A house with a prominent rental sign is a lot easier to find than a house without signage, especially in the dark. You want to make it easy to find and rent your apartment.

I hate to say it but filling vacancy is about eliminating a complex web of simple mistakes. Individually these mistakes would not cause a high vacancy rate. Together they lead to poor asset performance.

5 Tips for Better Signs

  1. Placement – Signs should be placed in a prominent location.
  2. Visibility – Check every direction for visibility. Every approach to every access point should feature a easily visible sign
  3. Quality – The sign should be of good quality for the purpose. Spend a lot more on a permanent sign.
  4. Quantity – Make sure you have as many signs as required to provide good visibility from every access point
  5. Lighting – Permanent signs should be lit up at night and light bulbs should be checked and replaced when burnt out. For temporary signs trying to locate them in a lighted area is a good idea.

Having good signage is an overlooked way to attract tenants and increase free traffic to your building. After the initial investment no further outlay is required. Reexamine the signs you use and improve them if required.

Happy Signing !


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  • Christine

    Thanks for that! I’d never really thought about it, but it does make sense. From the prospective tenant’s point of view, if the landlord won’t spend a few bucks on a good sign, what will happen when the plumbing fails…?

    (Btw, the signs in your photo aren’t great, but I suspect I’ve seen worse yet…it also depends somewhat on the scope of the building: if there’s only the one unit in the house, and depending on the neighbourhood, you may get away with making a handwritten sign of some sort…But then again, why not go for a bit of class?)

    • Rachelle

      Lowes sells a sign stand and signs and letters and numbers you can use to make a decent sign for about 30$ You can use it over and over. That’s if you have a single rental.

      I’ve been to buildings that are incredibly difficult to find because of their poor signage. Building pay thousands per month in advertising, your signs have to help tenants find your place so they can rent from you!

      If you’re on a street where the traffic flows quickly, the tenant has to be able to read the address going 60km an hour so they know where the right spot is. I’m pretty sure everyone has tried to find a house, you’re trying to drive and see the house address and it’s dark, other drivers are passing you by. Learn from a multi million dollar corporation like McDonald’s and make it easy!