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May 1st, 2017 · 5 Comments · Collecting From Rent Thieves

A lot of landlords have the same question: My deadbeat tenant stole rent from me. I have an order from the Landlord & Tenant Board what do I do? For many years I would say, look at this as an expensive lesson. Move and on and don’t rent to a rent thief next time. Landlords who had followed up in small claims were disappointed.

However after a number of working decent credit tenants ripped off a couple of my management clients I set out to try to collect this money from the rent thieves, property damagers and even a landlord who ripped me off.  Total is $81,176.00 owed. I am so sick of this.

Deadbeat Type of Debt Amount Collection Fees
Whitby Tenant Rent Arrears $6,165.00 $1,275.93
Interac Scammer Rent Arrears $2,770.00 $951.05
Nurse Tenant Rent Arrears $6,375.00 $838.48
Construction Guy Rent Arrears & Legal Fees $21,903.00 $970.69
Landlord Failed to pay invoice $3,696.00 Nothing So Far
Short Term Rental Guy Rent Arrears & Interim Rent & Damages $8,853.00 Nothing So Far
Deafulted on Lease Rent between tenants $20,760.00 Nothing So Far
Farm Guy Damages $6,984.00 Nothing So Far
Had a hard time Rent Arrears $3,670.00 $959.39
$81,176.00 $4,995.54

The good news is all the rent thieves have been tracked down and I am waiting 30 days for some checks. After the court has the money it take 30 days to get to you.

Whitby Tenant – Pay is garnished for both tenants – waiting for money to get to us

Interac Scammer – Tenant & wife found both bank accounts were found and garnished and her pay as well.

Nurse tenant – Bank Account with $600 bucks seized, payments $500 per month. (Waiting for money to be sent by the courts)

Construction Guy – We have found him and his accounts and possibly another home he bought. He didn’t pay rent for a year and came and dropped off his appeal in a Mercedes SUV.

Landlord : Working on the documentation

Short Term Rental Guy : Working on the documentation

Defaulted on Lease : Working on the documentation

Farm Guy: Working on the documentation

Had a hard time: Payment plan starting May 2 $100 every two weeks.

As you can see, the legal fees are not cheap, but I will update this later on to report on the amount of collections. So far, I’m excited! I’m so sick of people stealing money from my clients, these are not people who are broke and deserve our pity. Whitby tenants make $130K per year. Interac scammer have good credit and decent jobs.

Keep Track of this on the side I’m starting a new category about collections. Also this is why science is great and myths suck. Lots of times, myths are wrong.



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    Geezuz! I know all about it. I have 2 that I’m dealing with. One has gone into hiding so can’t even serve notice for S.C. Court. There are too many steps, taking too much time. The ORDER from the LTB should allow one to go straight to S.C.C., the Sheriff or garnishee, etc. The LTB needs an overhaul. It is definitely biased towards the Tenant, even in the face of evidence! There are too many Appeals allowed! It took me 11 months to get the Order in one cases. And 8 mos. to get them out of the unit. The Frauds have become highly sophisticated and know how to abuse the system. Cons!
    Have you ever passed info onto the Police?
    Thanks. I glad you are making headway with your claims. Good Luck!


  • Christine

    OMG, that must eat into your time like crazy, not to mention into your emotional health. I’ve only been to SCC once, with a good outcome—but how much it cost me mentally I don’t wish to reminisce about.
    “The Collection Project” sounds like a brilliant undertaking; your work is cut out for you. Good luck with it!

  • Rachelle

    Fortunately, I have a paralegal do it. !

  • Rob

    my father in kaw ran a business and occasionally he’d get an NSF cheque, when that happened he’d march down to the bank hand it over and ask the bank to monitor the acount. It might take a few weeks months but Once there was money there the bank pulled the money out and he got paid. The thing very few tellers know about this and invariably he had to ask for the manager. But it was free and worked everytime.