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February 14th, 2011 · 9 Comments · Blogging Journey

As of this moment the Ontario Landlord’s site is unreachable. One of their forum users used my son’s picture stolen from this site as his avatar. They are not responsible for my psycho internet stalker, but they are responsible to respond and remove the material when they are notified. I first sent them an email 2 days ago, I also wrote a blog post about it, and tweeted them. I have not received one reply. This is what I did… a friend from BlogTyrant told me to contact the hosting company.

I looked up their hosting provider on whois.com which was the same as mine. . One of the reason I picked Bluehost was because of their 24 hour internet chat.

Next I told the hosting company what was going on in the chat, they immediately sent me a personal info form via email. I had to scan my ID and my signature and fill in the details. Then I forwarded the email I sent Saturday to their legal department.

I sent the email with my info at 2:13 pm and by 4:00 pm their site was suspended. During that time they also accidentally suspended my site. Very, very fast.

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  • Lonely Limey

    Hi Rachelle,

    Not nice what has happened and I hope they resolve the situation promptly to your satisfaction. However, having put your childs picture on the net, is it really such a surprise that some people might use it without your consent and then you have problems getting it removed?

  • Rachelle

    Well the picture in question was actually modified by my son using the iPad program moustachio. So he was wearing a fu manchu.

    But to answer your question more directly, I do not bow to the “in case something bad happens” crowd. When we as a collective group get intimidated by these kinds of events and stop doing things that please us, the perpetrators really win.

    I’ll wear a short skirt to the party, walk around in my neighborhood after dark and even gasp share pictures and stories on the internet. If I stop living my life because of fear I’ve really lost something valuable that I am not prepared to give up.

    I love sharing my story with everyone here 🙂

    I also want to point out that this was not a random event. This internet stalker has been a part of my life for the last 8 months or so.

    Many people don’t know that it is quite common for bloggers to have this kind of problem. A sick twisted individual is totally fixated on them and what they say and do. Now mine went away for the last while. Today I’ll be calling the police.

    I’m still not at all happy with the OLA site. See bloggers use pictures all the time some from Flikr and Morgue files. So you don’t really know 100% where they come from. Now if someone contacted me to take a picture down it would take about 5 minutes. Not a big deal. I definitely wouldn’t wait for the person to shut down my site. Would it kill them to shoot me an email that says “oh sorry about that we really dropped the ball, no one was monitoring the email”

  • Lonely Limey

    Sounds like you have your hands full with that one. Not pleasant at all, you have my sympathies.

    If the problem has been ongoing for so long I think the right thing to do would be to not add further fuel to the fire by putting up even more personal information – your son’s picture.

    Anyway, I hope it gets resolved and you have a satisfactory outcome.

  • What?

    @Lonely Limey

    So when someone tries to intimidate you, you hide from the world? For fear that you might provoke some one in the wrong?

    I think that sounds cowardly and reminds me that some people forget you don’t need to provoke bad people, they’ll find reason to hurt you all by themselves.

  • Lonely Limey


    The stalker deserves everything he/she gets if what Rachelle says has been happening for the last 8 months is indeed the case.
    But I fail to see the reason for feeling agrieved if you post your childs picture on the net and it gets used without your permission. If one wants to be the one who “does not bow to the incase something bad happens crowd”, then don’t get upset if the crowd doesn’t respond according to your expectations.

  • What?

    @Lonely Limey

    Considering the sample of responses so far. You’re not the crowd.

    Lucky most people have a backbone and are not afraid of the outside world or bogeymen hiding on the internet.

  • Lonely Limey

    My crowd comment was a quote from Rachelle’s post. I do not speak for others.

    I am simply expressing my opinion, otherwise why have a comment section on a blog? If, as it appears you feel offended or defensive then frankly, I would question the strength of your own constitution.

  • Rachelle


    You’re right I cannot control this person nor would I want to.

    In this and other situations a measure of common sense is required and when I originally posted the picture it was at least partially obscured by the moustache.

    I probably won’t be posting more pictures of my son Sorry readers, he’s very cute but this is not a mommy blog so he’s kind of off topic.

    What is interesting is the psychology of this individual is almost identical to horrible tenants. There is no reasoning with them because fundamentally they justify the most egregious behaviour using twisted and faulty logic.

    If you spoke to this individual I’m sure he could come up with some plausible reason why this is ok. What can you do?

  • marina

    Hi Rachelle ,
    I understand your position and really am impressed the hosting company took action.I can’t imagine what these guys are thinking to choose a avatar over the integrity of their site.
    I would probably consider filing a police complaint if this ‘stalker’ situation continues.