Whut? Is Affordable housing in Toronto finally?

October 1st, 2016 · 4 Comments · Tenant Resources, Weird Landlord News


So earlier today I read this article about roommates with benefits where landlords or roommates offer free rent in exchange for lodging. I decided to do my own Toronto based investigative reporting on the subject. As it turns out the scumlord business is  alive and well. Scumlords seem to be disobeying OHRT guidelines as I found they generally expressed clear gender discrimination.

The one that was looking for a young gay man was actually profoundly disturbing and creepier than the rest.

For once I find myself pretty naive about things. These are actual ads that I found just an hour or so ago.

The only thing I have to say is good luck trying to collect your rent at the Landlord & Tenant Board. In my admittedly vanilla transactions, I write a rent amount into an N-4.  Seriously what happens if your “rent” isn’t paid?

It does remind me of that one time Edina was showing a unit and there was a “lady” sleeping on a blow up mattress of the unit, and she told Edina she was the “wife” of the landlord. Edina called the landlord, and he said it was his girlfriend and we quit the next day because it was all WAY.TOO.WEIRD.

Basically that’s what it’s come to in this city. If you want affordable housing you’d better polish up your private parts (whatever they are) and get ready to shake your moneymaker. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

fwb-kijiji free-room-and-board-for-mature-maid-wife-toronto-roommates-backpage-com nightly-option-ad-from-clHappy Weekend!


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  • Christine

    Sadsadsad. What are you doing with your lives, people?
    A happy weekend also to you, Rachelle!

  • Charlotte

    I’m casually apartment browsing for a move to TO next spring and I come across these every so often. It’s really disgusting. I don’t think there is any shame if someone chooses to be a sex worker but this feels extremely exploitative of low-income people, and it’s sick.